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With the release of a teaser for the Justice League trailer prepared to drop this Saturday, the vial marketing campaign for the DC blockbuster movie is ramping up.

So far what we've seen has been focused on Aquaman, King of Atlantis, with Jason Momoa's portrayal of the character on full display in a standalone poster. We expect that the other 5 members will get the same poster treatment over time.

If you head over to unitetheleague.com you'll see options to "join the league" by creating a profile image in the style of your favorite hero. Uploading an image will allow you to get a customized image with a logo. Then you can display your image with pride all over social media! Every member is represented (except one who is mysteriously missing). As each stand alone poster is released over time, odds are that new icons will be added. If you visit the site via mobile device, it'll look something like this:

Superman fans will be disappointed that with 6 heroes available, it looks like the Man of Steel is getting left out of the campaign, for the time being. Viral marketing achievement unlocked. JUSTICE LEAGUE is in theaters everywhere on November 17th, 2017