Was the Meaning Behind 'The Last Jedi' Revealed Today?

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During the Star Wars Celebration, Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy revealed a poster for the movie which may have revealed the relationship between Luke and Rey.

And that's not even the big news!

A lot of questions were asked during the panel but nobody had to answer any hard pressing questions, other than Josh Gad jokingly asking Daisy Ridley and BB-8 who Rey is related to. Before they left the stage though, Rian played a teaser for the audience that went a little something like this...

Wow! What visuals! Watching the rubble hover around Rey's hand was reminiscint of 2013's MAN OF STEEL, when Superman first took flight. She's eminating some serious power here! But did you catch that last line from Luke Skywalker as he stood at the entrance of the cave?

"It's time for the Jedi...to end."


Going into hiding after all he has experienced, it's possible Luke has become jaded about the role that Jedi have to play in bringing peace to the galaxy. Perhaps he truly feels the Jedi are the root of the problem, not the solution. Having trained Ben Solo only to watch him form the Knights of Ren and destroy all that Luke tried to rebuild, he may feel bringing back the Jedi is a bad idea.

We see Rey training so it's possible Luke intends for Rey to be 'The Last Jedi' after she fulfills her destiny to stop Kylo Ren and the First Order.

Stay tuned. STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI is in theaters this Christmas!