Is NBC's POWERLESS Getting Cancelled?

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It sure seems that way.

In a tweet last night, writer-producer Patrick Schumacker, revealed that POWERLESS would not air this week or next. He also indicated some doom-and-gloom on the horizon and thanked fans for watching.

While this particular writer at Critical Blast really enjoyed POWERLESS, many felt that the humor fell flat and was just written poorly. I contend that the writing was actually quite good and the show was full of heart and fun. Unfortunately, I wasn't in the majority.

The show wasn't really given a lot of support by the network when you consider there were gaps in the programming. Episodes often got bumped out of the way for other shows. What was originally pitched as a show about insurance adjusters, turned into a show about a Research and Development company for products that keep people safe. A last minute change like that is never good for a show. If you enjoyed POWERLESS, it's hard to determine IF and when you'll get to watch the final two episodes.

The 'work space' comedy idea was clever and it was fun to watch ordinary people go about their daily lives in a world of superheroes. Unfortunately it just didn't resonate enough with viewers to convince NBC that they had a hit on their hands. It will most likely fade away, until they decide to pull in some revenue from DVD/Blu-Ray sales. Fans of the show will keep it alive as they will begin the latest of many 'cult' followings.

Does this mean there's no place for a comic book-based comedy on television? Or did they just not have the right angle to bring in viewers?

Leave your thoughts about the show in the comments below.