Left Out of Musical Crossover, SUPERGIRL Actor Launches Music Career

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In the second season of SUPERGIRL the Music Meister visited for a two-part crossover with THE FLASH, featuring many of the musical talents The CW has to offer.

Except for one.

Mehcad Brooks announced on his Instagram that he has signed a record deal with his own company: Our Movement Records, in partnership with Black17 Media and Sony Red.

According to his post, the first single titled, "Arrested" debuts this July worldwide, on the EP "Living Proof". Attached to the Instagram post was a video of Brooks detailing his musical journey with a hoarse sounding voice. Apologizing for not reaching out sooner, Brooks explains that he's currently working on a scond album already and looks forward to sharing his music via social media.

The musical crossover on The CW was full of showtune style performances. Which may not play to Brooks' strengths, although with talk of another musical crossover coming, perhaps Brooks' character James Olsen can get in on the act and shake things up a little.

As the second season winded down, so too did Brooks' screen time; we wonder what the future holds for him as a regular cast member. Perhaps launching a musical career means Brooks can see the writing on the wall and is providing himself a post-SUPERGIRL insurance plan.