VOLTRON Season 3: Prince Lotor Will Test Your Loyalty

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VOLTRON returns tomorrow on NETFLIX and Prince Lotor takes center stage as he looks to rip the Paladins apart from the inside out.

In the trailer released by Dreamworks Animation, the Paladins scramble to recover from the loss of Shiro. Without anyone to pilot the Black Lion, they cannot form Voltron and in that regard they lack a clear leader.

In season 2, Shiro and Keith were trapped on a planet together. During that time, Shiro told Keith that if anything were to happen, Keith should lead Voltron. Being annointed team leader is different than actually leading. If you don't possess the skills or confidence, then how do you get others to follow?

Prince Lotor recognizes the weakness in Voltron as they lack clear direction. In the trailer, Alura suggests that it's time to find a new pilot for the Black Lion. Could season 3 finally put Keith in the Black Lion? 

In the original series, Keith piloted the Black Lion and Lance, the Red. Sven was a character that handled the Blue Lion until it was presumed he died, at which point Alura took over Blue. While I don't think we've seen the last of Shiro, we could start to see a shift in assignments to mirror that of the original series.

As the Paladins work through it, however, they'll have to contend with the devious Prince Lotor, son of Zarkon. Lotor has devised a plan to defeat Voltron, without attacking it head on, as he's seen his father fail to do time after time. But, in the trailer he declares:

"My father built our empire on the bones of his enemies. The universe can no longer doubt our strength."

As the Paladins of Voltron look to rebuild their team, Prince Lotor aims to tear it apart. Season 3 of VOLTRON roars into action tomorrow on NETFLIX!