Announcement: Season 4 VOLTRON Trailer and Release Date!

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Calling all alien races, VOLTRON is recruiting for the upcoming war against the Galra and they want YOU!

That's the overarching theme for season 4 of the hit NETFLIX series, VOLTRON. As the paladins learn their new roles on the team (spoiler: Shiro's in the castle/Alura's in the Blue Lion) and adjust to the new dynamic, they begin to spread the word and use Voltron to inspire others to rise up against the Galra. They're building a Voltron "Coalition"

Meanwhile Lotor is about to be confronted by Zarkon, who has awoken from his coma.

Season 4 looks to be building on the events of season 3, almost as if the show was coming back from a mid-season break. The synopsis teases that Keith makes a decision that causes a rift between himself and team Voltron, so it looks like he continues to be a focal point of the story.

Check out the trailer and see for yourself. VOLTRON season 4 begins October 13!

DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender Season 4 will be debut on Netflix October 13th with six all-new episodes. With Shiro back at the Castleship, Keith makes a choice that causes a rift between him and Team Voltron. As Allura and team focus on building the Voltron Coalition, Prince Lotor’s plans start to take shape.