Bring Home CULT OF CHUCKY in Time for Halloween

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Cult of Chucky on Blu-ray contest

He's a Good Guy. A living doll. And he's coming for you!

You may feel a little prick.

Confined to an asylum for the criminally insane for the past four years, Nica (FIONA DOURIF) is wrongly convinced that she, not Chucky, murdered her entire family. But when her psychiatrist introduces a new group therapy tool -- a "Good Guy" doll -- a string of grisly deaths plague the asylum and Nica starts to wonder if maybe she isn't crazy after all. Andy (ALEX VINCENT), Chucky's now-grown-up nemesis from the original CHILD'S PLAY, races to Nica's aid. But to save her, he'll have to get past Tiffany (Oscar-nominee JENNIFER TILLY), Chucky's long-ago bride, who will do anything, no matter how deadly or depraved, to help her beloved devil doll.

This Blu-ray / DVD / Digital-HD combo pack includes bonus features including feature commentary with Director Don Mancini and Head Puppeteer Tony Gardner, as well as deleted scenes and other features.

So what do you have to do to bring Chucky to your home? We're so glad you asked! Just take one of the very easy options below. Heck, take all the options below! The "Tweet a Message" option you can even take once a day to increase your chances. Just please, please take him away -- but be sure to read our pseudo-legal Rules and Regulations page first.


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