Wonder Woman Takes Best Film, Gal Gadot Best Film Actor in Best of 2017 Readers' Poll

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Wonder Woman and Gal Gadot take Best of 2017 for Wonder Woman

February is that month where we tell those we love how much we love them. Sure, some do that on Valentine's Day, and that's important. But here at Critical Blast, we use the whole month to pass the word along to those who create the movies, shows, comics and books we all hold so dear.

After taking votes all through January from you, our readers, the votes have been tabulated and we begin our series of announcements with the BEST FILM OF 2017. And since this year, the category shares so much with the BEST ACTOR OF 2017, we're offering them to you here as a two-fer!




We love the movies! And they don't have to be superhero or science fiction films, but around here it certainly helps. Our leading candidates included superheroes like LOGAN, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY V2, THOR: RAGNAROK, SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING, and JUSTICE LEAGUE, as well as sci-fi and horror titles like GET OUT, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, IT, and BLADE RUNNER 2049.

However, it was the amazing amazon, WONDER WOMAN, helmed by fledgling director PATTY JENKINS who took our top spot, with more than double the votes cast for the runner-up LOGAN! And after so many years of publication, as well as a well-received television series, it's about time she took the spotlight and got the recognition she deserves!

Of course, the character couldn't have been visualized without the inspired input of actress GAL GADOT, who gave a special life to BATMAN V. SUPERMAN when we first met her, and who also shone brightest in the follow-on film of the DC movie-verse, JUSTICE LEAGUE. So it's not really a surprise to us that Gadot stomped all competition for the title of BEST ACTOR OF 2017, taking a whopping 37% of all votes!

We offer our heartfelt congratulations to two wonderful, powerful women in the film industry who made 2017 just that much better for their efforts: PATTY JENKINS and GAL GADOT. The trophies you see to the left will be winging their way to your offices. We hope you fill them with the best champagne and "get blasted" on Critical Blast for your well-deserved award!