Critical Blast Readers Crown DC Comics' Tom King Best Comics Writer of 2017

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Tom King, Best Comics Writer of 2017

Comics writers do a lot of double-duty. They generally aren't assigned one specific title, but they usually only shine for one.

This year was exceptional, however, in that several of our nominees for Best Comics Writer of 2017 were nominated for their work on more than one comic. Charles Soule came in for both ASTONISHING X-MEN and CURSE WORDS. David Walker was nominated for OCCUPY AVENGERS and LUKE CAGE.

click to enlargeWhich isn't to say that our other nominees aren't as capable of chewing gum and writing comics at the same time, because they are. This is just the way the nominations came in. Certainly Greg Rucka (nominated for his work on WONDER WOMAN) and Scott Snyder (for his work on DARK NIGHTS: METAL which won this year's Best Comics Storyline award) are brilliant on whatever they put their pen to, and Dan Jurgens (ACTION COMICS) is already a legend in the industry. Nominees Shea Fontana (DC SUPER HERO GIRLS) and Robert Kirkman (THE WALKING DEAD) are both swimming in television broadcast profits like Uncle Scrooge in his money bin, so they're obviously doing things right as well!

But in this contest, however, there can be only one. (Editor's note: No comics writers were beheaded or quickened in the voting process. This year, anyway.) And when the votes were fully tallied and retallied, there was a clear choice made by the readers of

We are pleased to announce that, with 27 percent of all votes cast, TOM KING has been voted as the BEST COMICS WRITER OF 2017 for his outstanding work on both BATMAN and MISTER MIRACLE. Congratulations, Tom!



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