SyFy's KRYPTON Pilot Delivers an Action-Packed Punch to Your Senses

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For so many years we heard about how "Krypton is doomed". A show that's based on a planet whose fate has already been determined can't be that gripping, can it? 

In a word: YES!

The show contains rich storytelling that doesn't seem to rush the plot. It gives the characters room to breath, and develop organically. The sets were beautifully crafted for each scene and having virtually everything seem tangible makes the world have a real feel to it. The pilot had a movie quality to it and the wide angle shots of Kandor and Krypton as a whole would be beautifully displayed on a large movie screen.

Cameron Cuffe plays Seg-El like a modern day Han Solo. Taking dire situations with a comedic grain of salt but when the moment calls for it, he is a true hero that puts himself at risk for others. This is not Superman and he isn't meant to be. He is an unfinished product whose heart is pure with unpolished tactics. He is compelled to do the right thing regardless of what the consequences may be.

All of the characters from Adam Strange to The Voice of Rao were so well defined. The theocratic society was intricately created with all the machinations of corruption, politics, and religion. Guilds exist in a form of extremism in which a mother stabs her daughter, out of love, to teach her a lesson.

It's like Game of space!

There is so much detail in the world building that was done to create a believable alien society. The military guild and the Sagittari are violent representations of law enforcement and they do horrible things to people that get in their way. The planet is decimated. Future generations are grown and their lives are predetermined. There is no hope for a bright future as it continues to spiral downward due to the lawmakers taking advice from religious zealots.

Amidst all the darkness, there is still a fun vibe to this show, as it delivers a fair amount of light-hearted, fanboy moments. It also stands alone as it begins to create its own place within the lore of Superman. As this series goes on, we could see how the House of El evolves from a disgraced, and fallen entity, to one of respect that stands for hope. Because at this point in time of Krypton's history, there is no hope.

The music really helped set the tone of the episode as we get several instances where John Williams' original Superman theme is synthesized. And it sent chills down my spine.

This version of the fortress, which has been such an integral part of Superman's history, was crafted with such care and respect to the legacy. Statues, consoles, the giant symbol etched into the floor, the capsules, workspace, relics. Everything about the fortress is perfection.

KRYPTON is an epic, movie quality, sci-fi adventure with an enjoyable cast that draws you in with each moment. The special effects were well polished and full of detail. It's clear that they made the most of their budget to ensure that it didn't distract from the story, but instead enhanced it. KRYPTON is fast-paced and still allows for exposition in a such an engaging manner that it doesn't leave you reaching for your phone.

The pilot episode did not end with an 'edge of your seat' cliffhanger, but it set up so many intricate plotlines that it will leave you wanting more.

From the opening voiceover by Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) to the very end where he stands on the crest, holding his grandson's cape, KRYPTON delivers a knock out blow to all of your pre-conceived notions.

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5.0 / 5.0