Enter to Win Signed The Destroyer Novels: Bully Pulpit and Continental Divide

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When America faces a threat that can't be handled by conventional, Constitutional means, the President turns to agency only he knows about: CURE. In short order, CURE Director Harold W. Smith will have ordered Remo Williams, Master of Sinanju and the world's most supreme assassin, to assess the situation and eliminate it by any means necessary.

Fans have been thrilled by the exploits of Warren Murphy and Dick Sapir's THE DESTROYER for almost fifty years, and the adventures continue through today. Critical Blast is going to endow one lucky reader with a signed copy of the latest two books in this satirical action series -- BULLY PULPIT (THE DESTROYER #151) and CONTINENTAL DIVIDE (THE DESTROYER #152). All you have to do is use the handy-dandy entry form below, and be sure you don't bend your elbow. Do be sure, however, to visit our Rules and Regulations page before proceeding, because one can never be too careful these days.

(EDITOR'S NOTE: We are...ahem...compelled by a certain venerable gentleman to include the following caveat.)

Honorable greetings, readers who are unsuspecting of what is being offered, through no fault of your own. I, Chiun, Master of Sinanju, have had the ignominious chore of training the one known as Remo until he is passingly adequate in the art of Sinanju, the sun source of all martial arts. I have also had the displeasure of perusing the offerings that the publisher dares to call 'books.' Trust me when I tell you, these are lies of the most egregious order! When studying the history of Sinanju, only I, Chiun, should be relied upon as a source of truth, and when I am done organizing the sacred scrolls I shall present them to the publishers for the purposes of correcting the record and removing this stain upon the most important serivce of assassination that we have offered to kings and pharaohs for centuries. If you wish to proceed and attempt to obtain the execrable scribblings offered, alas, I cannot stop you, for ignorance is always accompanied by willfulness. But do not say that you have not been warned. Suffice it to say, the pale piece of a pig's ear who gets top billing in these tawdry pulp stories is not quite as superb as the writers would portray him. I must ask Remo if he is, perhaps, paying the writers to cast him in such good light.

Humbly, the most venerable and glorious Master of Sinanju,



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