Season 2 of Iron Fist Coming in September

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The first season of IRON FIST arrived with mixed reviews, but after a shakeup in the production team, they're ready to debut season 2.

The first season gave us Danny Rand's origin story as we pieced together how he ended up in K'un-Lun and we watched his powers slowly developed. As he embraces his calling, season 2 is expected to allow him to really cut loose with his abilities as his ongoing battle against evil continues.

The teaser, just released, doesn't offer much outside of a few lines of dialogue and Danny beating up a couple of thugs. Previously he was reluctant and too unsure of himself to use his chi as a weapon; now, when he realizes he's outnumbered 2-to-1, he unleashes it without a second thought. You would think that this small little street fight wouldn't be a problem for a living weapon, but perhaps he's sending a message here.

He's not playing around.

Season 2 arrives on Netflix, September 7th.