New Transformers: War for Cybertron Series Coming to Netflix

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Teaming up with Polygon Pictures for animation and Rooster Teeth producing, Netflix will take the robots in disguise back to their roots.

Labeled a "trilogy" the series looks to explore the early days of Cybertron, as there has been much talk about how the world was in turmoil during the Cybertronian Wars. While there are not many details available as to which transformers will appear in the show, it's said to be very "fan friendly". One should expect to see a lot of familiar Autobots and Decepticons.

Or at least references to them.

John Deriderian (Director of Anime, Netflix) said that the series "will explore the expansive universe of Cybertron in a way that audiences have never seen before". The show also promises a new look and style of animation that we're not used to for the Transformers franchise.

There have been a lot of different Transformers shows over the years. Add on the growing list of live-action movies and you'll see there's plenty of interest from all over in keeping the franchise updated and relevant for years to come. Many of us fans who grew up watching the original animated series may have had a hard time latching on too many of these new iterations of the characters we grew up loving. With animated series appearing in places all over the internet as opposed to TV, older fans have been hard-pressed to keep up with such fragmentation.

With any luck, a series landing on Netflix will allow fans of all ages to jump in without fear of being strangers to the material. Does the term "trilogy" imply that they're only looking to have 3 seasons? Or perhaps they plan on releasing a "series" of three movies? The series is set to premiere next year. 

There's no word yet on if Peter Cullen is attached to voice Optimus Prime, but we'll provide more information as it rolls out.