Batman 45 Takes Booster Gold Back to Being a Total Idiot

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Batman 45

"The Gift" leads up to the wedding of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle by taking us, after the events of METAL and all the various universes to -- you guessed it -- another alternate universe. In this case, it's an alternate timeline -- a BoosterPoint universe.

Gotham City is unrecognizable. Jokers -- plural, and way more than just three -- run amok in the streets. Tim Drake has a cubicle job, Jason Todd sells tires, and Duke Thomas is a mental invalid. And where is the Batman?

He's armed to the teeth and killing superheroes who come to Gotham so they don't get "Jokered." Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is at a party, dancing with his mother on her anniversary.

That's right. Bruce Wayne and Batman are different people, all because Booster Gold time-travelled in an attempt to recreate "For the Man Who Has Everything" as a gift to Batman for his upcoming wedding.

That's right, Booster thought it was a really good idea to do for Batman what Mongul had done for Superman. The fact that this was something that was done to Superman, and by a villain no less, is something that seems to have escaped him. Also, he didn't pay attention to Flashpoint.

The real problems set in, however, when Booster finally finds Bruce Wayne to tell him what he had done, and how. He expects a "thank you." He gets something else entirely.

How Tim King and company plan to fix this is anybody's guess -- but then, he didn't win our Best Comics Writer of 2017 for nothing.Tony S. Daniel delivers a phenomenal cover, and the colors from Tomeu Morey give Daniel's artwork a depth I don't normally see in his past comics work.

4.0 / 5.0