The Latest Comicsgate Product to Crowdfund: The Trash Compactor Show Socks?

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Trash Compactor Show Socks

The Comicsgate comic book crowdfunding movement has produced a lot of material since its inception. (And, to be honest, has not produced in some infamous cases as well.)

However, one group of fans in the community has stepped outside the box to provide oddities for a laugh. Yellow plastic wristbands. Foam can coozies. Tchotchkes. But here's the kicker: these crowdfunding campaigns funded successfully, and were fulfilled rapidly. And the Indiegogo algorithm has sat up and took notice, because their projects show up high on the list of recommendations from the crowdfunding site when searching for Comicsgate-related items. In fact, as of this writing, their latest novelty venture is the very first item on Indiegogo's list.

They're The Trash Compactor Show, a YouTube comedy podcast that promotes and roasts comics and the people who make them, and who make drama in them. It's not another analysis or draw-along show; it's barely-organized chaos at best, as the cast always leaves the door open to the studio, allowing for viewers to step in and become a part of the program. But without a comic of their own to promote, the gang decided to be different, just to see what would happen if they offered their trinkets for crowdfunding.

What happened was success. Small success, to be sure, but from little acorns mighty oaks do grow. Hence, the latest offering from The Trash Compactor Show team -- branded Trash Compactor Show socks

It's an idea that's just crazy enough to work -- and, in fact, has already successfully met its funding goal within the first four days of its campaign.

We hosted some of the Trash Compactor Show guys to talk about their channel, their product and... well, it turned into a mini-version of The Trash Compactor Show, so you'll get some idea of the lunacy that takes over when these guys hit the mics.