Bullied Takes Brutal, Unflinching Look at Evolved Peer Torment

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Bullying has been around as long as social groups have formed. And there have been arguments made that some amount of that peer pressure can "toughen up" a kid, make them stronger or more aware. But over the years, bullying has evolved beyond taking the long way to school so Skut Farkas doesn't take your lunch money leaving you to bemoan your fate among your friends; it's mutated into levels of sociopathic venality, aided and abetted by the omnipresence of social media, into a nonstop hell escapable only by suicide.

Thomas Keith's documentary, Bullied, is a hard, brutal look at the increasing pandemic of bullying, its escalating physical violence and psychological sadism, and the impact it has not only on its singular victims but the ripple effect upon their families.

Releasing on Amazon Prime this February 12, Bullied is a film that will be hard to watch. Most important films are. Which is why you should watch it.