It's No Wonder: Readers Select Gal Gadot as Best Film Actor of 2020

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Gal Gadot Best Actor 2020

Where most of the categories this year have seen an influx of competition, from comics to movies to shows, the Best Film Actor category was surprisingly slim this year -- perhaps an indication that while the films themselves were entertaining, there were very few standout performances in them. It seems an odd dichotomy, yet here we are.

Leading off the list of nominees for Best Film Actor of 2020 is Stranger Things' Millie Bobbie Brown for her titular role in the Netflix film, Enola Holmes, taking only 2% of the vote. She us only barely passed by Ariana Greenblatt, with 3%, for her supporting role in Love and Monsters

As has been the case a lot this year, the "Other" nominee collected a large number of votes -- the write in factor garnered 9% of all votes cast for various actors.

The second place showing is the first actor to break the double-digits, and it's everyone's favorite Iron Man, Robert Downey, Jr. for his role in the comedy adventure, Dolittle

But the lion's share of the votes this year -- a whopping 56% of all the ballots -- went to one of the few genuine movie stars of our generation: Gal Gadot, for her performance in Wonder Woman 1984.