These Lights from Lost Universe Add Pop to Your Game Space

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Call of Duty Epic Six Pack Light set

While you may think that the holiday shopping season starts on Black Friday, or evey Cyber Monday, it really takes off around the first of October. Why? Because the ease and simplicity of shopping online at the click of a mouse comes with the trade-off of waiting for shipping. And as the carrier systems start to get bogged down with heavier loads this time of year, shipping can take time. So you should plan ahead and start marking people off your Christmas list as early as possible.

For the gamer geeks and comic book nerds in your life, one sure-fire place to find those niche needs is And while there are numerous Funko Pops and t-shirts there to satisfy any fanboy craving, we're gong to look at someting here that's certain to put a light in their eyes -- and in their game room!

We received thee unique USB-powered LED desk lights that make our work space feel just that much nerdier -- and that's a good thing. Starting with the Marvel Logo light, featuring the iconic Marvel text on the  brick of red, we also got to test out the unique Playstation Icons light and the Call of Duty Epic Six Pack light.

Check out the video below to see us test each of them. Then continue on to the Rafflecopter form after that and find out how you can ENTER TO WIN the Call of Duty light set you see exhibited below!

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