Everyone Loves a Villain: Willem Dafoe Takes Best Film Actor of 2021

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Willem Dafoe

Critical Blast's Best of the Year awards have had strong winners before, but it's rare to have such an overwhelming blowout as seen in this year's Best Film Actor of 2021.

With nods going to McKenna Grace for Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Bob Odenkirk for Nobody and Chris Pratt for The Tomorrow War, the presence of Spider-Man: No Way Home starts to loom large in the voting.

Andrew Garfield has Spider-fans talking again after his performance, and it shows with the 9.86% of the votes he pulled in this year's polling. However, with two movies giving him momentum, Ryan Reynolds pulled ahead with 15.49% of teh vote.

But all these are cosmically dwarfed by veteran actor Willem Dafoe for reprising his role as Norman Osborne, the Green Goblin. With an undeniable 42.25% of the votes, Dafoe stands like a colossus over the rest of the competition! Congratulations to a great actor for an award well-deserved.

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