Wonder Woman Makes her DC Super Hero Girls Debut

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DC Super Hero Girls has released the second mini-sode of their offering to girls of all ages to enjoy. In the episode titled, "All About Super Hero High", Bumblebee gives Wonder Woman a tour around campus. And there are a LOT of wonderful surprises for long-time fans of DC...

Not only do we get a comedic response to Hal Jordan's introduction to Wonder Woman, but we get a quick preview of what she thinks of 'boys', stemming from her warrior culture from back home.

As she tours around the school, we meet Cheetah, Hawkgirl, Starfire and the always shy Miss Martian. An extra special introduction to Beat Boy is made as well, when we're greeted by the familiar sound of Greg Cipes voice. The original voice actor for Beast Boy on TEEN TITANS and TEEN TITANS GO, as well as many other animated characters. And wait until you see who Wonder Woman's roommate is!

Fans of Barbara Gordon will also be pleased when they see the network password: 'oracle1967'.

This series put together by DC (and Mattel) is sure to be a hit with kids and the adults watching with them. The short mini-sode format makes them easy to consume in a way that won't take any time out of your day to view with your children. It won't be long before DC SUPER HERO GIRLS finds its way into the hearts and homes of people searching for a strong franchise for young girls to enjoy.

Take a look at DC SUPER HERO GIRLS "All About Super Hero High" and let us know what you think in the comments!