Robyn Hood #15 is a CRAZY Good Stand-Alone Issue!

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While on its 15th issue, ROBYN HOOD by Zenescope Entertainment offers a stand-alone to help draw in new readers without alienating them to the story. This is how comic books did it before other companies began rebooting titles every year.

In this, Pat Shand's latest offering of the alluring archer, Robyn and her partner Marian continue their exploits as 'Nottingham Investigations'. It gives off a SUPERNATURAL vibe, only with female protagonists, who also happen to be a witch and an archer.

The main plot has the girls being called on by the lead guitarist of the rock group 'Novela Kiss'. While Marian is fangirling over Cornell Terrance, Robyn focuses on the important issue at hand. The lead singer of the band, Katie Graves, is possessed. Terrance approaches the girls with hopes of fixing it. I won't spoil the issue for you, but along the way we get a flashback, a one-sided bar fight, a demonic possession, a scuffle in an alleyway, and more green eggs than Sam-I-Am can shake a fork at!

If you aren't interested by that, then do you even comic book?!?

The issue is full of action and witty one-liners; a staple of Shand's style of writing. He keeps things moving along and the dialogue never gets stale. The artwork produced by Manuel Preitano is clean. He does an excellent job with facial expressions, which is a huge thing for me. Without the benefit of moving images and sound to tell the story, the ability to draw appropriate facial expressions goes a long way in making the characters come alive.

Those of you looking to try Robyn Hood for the first time will enjoy the fact that the plot is fully played out in this single issue. On top of that, you get a cliff-hanger for the next issue, just in case you enjoyed the ride enough to stay on a little longer. Even the title of the issue is clever as it deals with a subplot (Robyn is undergoing therapy sessions), as well as a description of the events that lead up to the climactic battle.

It's nice to see that there are built-in baddies, like the skinwalkers, that allow Robyn to blow off steam, cut loose with her bow skills and satisfy her general desire to kick serious ass.

Robyn Hood continues to be, arguably, the best on-going comic series by Zenescope as Pat Shand once again hits the mark.

4.5 / 5.0