Slow Down! WizKids to Release Amazing Spider-Man Dice Masters in November

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and now Amazing Spider-Man will be added to the growing number of sets that WizKids has released for it's popular game Dice Masters!

That will make 8 sets in under 2 years. One has to ask, is WizKids getting carried away with the success of it's game?

The starter will contain 10 basic action cards and 8 different characters including favorites such as Spider-Woman, Kingpin, Carnage and of course Spider-Man! With a MSRP of $19.99, which has become the new standard, it will also contain decorative dice bags. A feature that began with the DC themed War of Light set. Once again, boosters will retail for $.99, unless of course your like a certain LGS in my area that sets the price at $1.25!

New mechanics known as 'Allies' and 'Underdogs' have been revealed as well.

Other characters we can expect to see in the gravity feeds are Gwen Stacy, Aunt May, Blink, The Sinister Six, Agent Venom, Cloak, and Dagger. No specific release date has been made known as of yet, but typically the sets have been made available mid-month. Given WizKids past history with delays, it's not surprise that they're being coy with the information.

Once again all the bells and whistles will be available with this set. A playmat, team box and Collector's Box will be made available. The Collector's Box will come with two trays that can hold up to 300 dice and a full art promotional card.

While I enjoy the game immensely, this set will be the fifth released this year. 8 total sets in under two years of it's existence could be overkill. Many fans of the game are dropping out due to the lack of support from their local game shops/communities. Increasing the frequency of set releases, puts a lot of pressure on current players to keep up with it all. Meanwhile newer players may be intimidated by the number of sets they've missed out on.

The game looks older than it actually is. Personally, I don't even have all of the Age of Ultron or War of Light sets.

With so many options available, and more sets already announced, some players will be forced to pick and choose what sets they buy into.

Leave your thoughts in the comments below. Are you excited for Amazing Spider-Man? Will a November release over-saturate the market?