Supergirl Isn't Toying Around; Increases the Drama

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Last night's episode of SUPERGIRL dropped some bombs and cranked up the drama by having a relationship altering moment, between two major characters. Whether you enjoy the drama or not, it's clear that there's no turning back now.

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- Caution: Spoilers Ahead -

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This episode has the 'Toyman', father of Supergirl's best friend, Winn Schott, escaping from jail using a Yo-Yo. The Yo-Yo was a murderous device hand crafted by the 'Toyman'; equipped with blades and an abnormally long string. As he killed three guards to escape prison, Alex was plotting with Hank Henshaw to infiltrate Maxwell Lord's facility. In the background of all the action, Lucy Lane is offered a job by Cat Grant. This has boyfriend James Olsen squirming in his chair.

The Toyman has designs on convincing his son (ala Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker) to join him in taking down his old boss. When the FBI questions Winn about his father's whereabouts, he lies and tells them he hasn't been in contact. After a brief conversation with Supergirl, we discover that the Toyman has already contacted Winn via talking doll.

Meanwhile, Alex goes on a 'date' with Maxwell Lord to keep him occupied while Hank (aka Martian Manhunter) uses his alien abilities to shape-shift his way into a top secret room at Lord's complex. It's the same room that James Olsen previously discovered; and was tied up and beaten because of it. There, Hank discovers an experiment being performed on a woman labeled 'Jane Doe'. When a guard catches him in the act, Hank is left with no choice but to labotomize the guard. A deplorable act that he vowed never to do, as he's done in the past.

As Winn deals with his evil lineage, Kara tries consoling him. Expressing how much she cares about him and how they're alike, by not allowing who they're related to, define who they are. In a moment of emotional weakness, after Kara takes his hand into hers, Winn interrupts her, mid-sentence, with a kiss!

Kara abruptly pulls away from him in shock. Winn is embarrassed and leaves, apologizing the entire way. After he leaves, his father shows up and knocks him out, dragging him away.

I'm not going to spoil the finale of the episode, but Kara and Winn do exchange words at the end regarding the kiss. Both of them are afraid of how it will affect their friendship, but Winn tells her he's no longer going to hide his feelings. Citing that his father did the same thing for so long, it's probably part of the reason why he snapped and became a murderer. The exchange was powerful, and all too familiar, for anyone who has expressed their love for someone they've been friends with; finding out they don't feel the same way.

They work together both at Cat Co. and as the 'super friends' with James Olsen. How they move forward will be very interesting to see. Does Winn turn to James for advice? James, who has expressed feelings for Kara, is in a relationship with Lucy Lane and advised Winn to tell Kara how he feels. Does Kara turn to James for advice also? Earlier in the season, she helped James rekindle his relationship with Lucy, whose new position at Cat Co. has James wondering whether or not he should return to taking pictures.

And if that's not enough dramatic uncertainty, we discover that during their 'date', Maxwell Lord bugged Alex's purse! As she has a sister-to-sister talk with Kara (dressed as Supergirl), he watches the entire moment play out and begins plotting his next move.

SUPERGIRL has ramped up the drama factor and I'm very excited to see how it all plays out. I honestly don't feel there's a whole lot of on-screen (romantic) chemistry between Winn and Kara or James and Kara. It all feels very awkward. And while it's already enough drama with the Winn loves Kara but she loves James who's in a relationship with Lucy, I'm kind of hoping they find someone new to introduce into her life next season. Why not this season?

Because I think, in order to demonstrate how she can be a strong, independent woman, she should decide that being in a relationship isn't right for her at the moment. A relationship, after all, isn't required for a woman to be successful. And a show that features a strong female lead, shouldn't have it's lead longing to be with a man.

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