Oh Henry! Cavill Posts a Pic to Instagram, the Internet Swoons

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On the heels of Zack Snyder announcing that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is 99.9% completed, Henry Cavill has posted an image to his instagram account. Indicating that he's started his training for the upcoming Justice League movie and the image serves as motivation.

Henry Cavill IS Superman.

From his instagram account henrycavill:

Warm up phase for Superman training started today! Posting this pic to set myself a minimum goal...and force myself to actually keep going haha! @gritandteeth

MINIMUM goal? Way to make the rest of us feel inadequate, sir. Having no need for padded 'muscle' suits, Cavill is determined to be bigger than ever. Whether you like Snyder's interpretation of the character or not, Cavill is 100% committed to being the best on-screen portrayal of Superman we've ever seen.

Sorry Christopher Reeve apologists, the bar has been raised to wear the cape.

And Cavill is the one lifting it.

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