5 Takeaways From the Final Batman v Superman Trailer

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As the final official trailer has now been released, while it was mostly the same scenes shuffled around, we did get a few new shots to tease our senses.

So what did we make of it all?

1) Batfleck is a Badass
In case there were people unsure of Batman's badassery, it was on full display as this trailer features the bat. Is this a hint about how the movie opens up? Or will the movie be interrupted for a beatdown of thugs? Either way, the repor between Bruce and Alfred is enjoyable and anyone who had any doubts can now set them aside. He even blocks a punch from Superman. Without effort.

2) Pocket Full of Kryptonite
Where is Batman hiding the Kryptonite? We've seen plenty of shots containing the power suit that Batman wears during his throwdown with Superman. But we've never seen a green glow or any indication that Kryptonite is being used. In a previous trailer we did see a green crystal encased in glass, but we haven't seen any of it in regards to Batman.

3) Lois Lane v Lex Luthor
Not nearly as catchy a title as Batman v Superman but once again we get the same exchange between Lois and Lex. They include it a lot in the trailers they've released so we can gather there is some significance to it. Lois probably finds herself walking into the Lion's den; investigating Lex. And, in typical villain style, he probably keeps her around and explains everything to her.

4) Are You Afraid of the Dark?
One of the biggest complaints about Man of Steel is how 'dark' it is. Not only in theme but in picture. Do people realize that Captain America: The First Avenger is shot with gray overtones and in some cases sepia? Color scheme aside, this movie is heavily dramatic as it tackles real issues in a world where evil exists and there is a fine line between hero and vigilante. So strap in, put on your 'big boy' pants and quit whining.

5) Wonder Woman!
Sure we've seen Diana Prince get into a car and dance with Bruce Wayne, but it's the shots that feature Wonder Woman that really blows me away! Her introduction was notable, smashing her bracelets together and using her shield to deflect a blast. But here we get a little more in a BIG way! Launching from her position on the ground, screaming at the top of her lungs, sword in the air as she flies into the fire! The final trailer started with a big Batman scene, but Wonder Woman finished it off and stole the show!