After Constant Teasing, Deadpool Finally Came

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With all of the hype and marketing, there was some concern that DEADPOOL was trying to overcompensate for being a small member of the superhero genre. Now that the covers are off and we finally get a look at the goods, it's clear that DEADPOOL is bigger than expected.

While the movie has some kinks, it's not tied down by too many gags that don't work. A highly quotable movie, don't try to do it line-by-line because DEADPOOL can be a mouthful.

But before you take in all of DEADPOOL, it's important to prepare yourself.

Because it's rated 'R' there's a good chance the theater won't be full, but you should still proceed with caution and respect those around you. Drinks and snacks are a requirement when I visit the cinema. However with DEADPOOL's non-stop humor, it's important that you drink slowly. If you swallow too much, too fast, there's a good chance you'll end up spitting on the person in front of you.

So if you proposition a friend, there are benefits to sitting abreast.

The movie is a shade under 2 hours, which won't make you feel like a slave to the theater; tied to your chair for hours, begging to get up so you don't pee yourself. While some people prefer a longer experience, you're in and out of DEADPOOL quickly. This is enjoyable because after watching Deadpool deliver a pounding, the likes of which you've never experienced before, you won't want your ass to be numb when it’s over.

As always, I recommend sliding into the backend of the theater so you don't end up cock-eyed, with a sore neck, from looking up at DEADPOOL for so long. Trust me when I say, you'll see men do it and you’ll thank me for the safe words.

This is a movie that allows you to just relax and let it happen. DEADPOOL won't try to force feed you a deep concept that leaves your head throbbing either. Instead it probes the annals of the genre in ways you never thought possible. It has the balls to try things you've never experienced in a superhero movie; even with high expectations you won't feel let down.

And dear god please, do yourself a favor and do DEADPOOL before Feb 14th so VD won't be a problem. Unless you enjoy being surrounded by a bunch of strangers gushing sweet love all over the place.

After you've sampled DEADPOOL and experienced the flavor of a different kind of superhero, whether you hunt-and-peck or finger your keyboard like a master, make sure you come back and insert your comments down below.