Online Clothing Retailer, Betabrand, Says: Pokemon GO Here!

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Noticing a tremendous culture shift in store traffic, the San Francisco based clothing retailer, Betabrand, has transformed it's headquarters into a massive lure for Pokémon players.

Most businesses frown upon people loitering outside their store, but Betabrand is inviting them to do so and getting increased exposure in return.

According to Betabrand founder Chris Lindland, "By Tuesday, I'd already lost my staff's attention to the game, so if you can't beat Pokémon, join Pokémon."   By Thursday, the retailer rolled out a fan photo studio, refashioned its storefront, and turned its flagship into a magnet for gamers and bemused passersby.

"We always try to be Fashion's first responders to Web memes" says Lindland. "Normally, this means we rapidly prototype apparel products to chase Internet phenomena.  But, today, we find out if it's possible to distract mobile gamers long enough to sell 'em pants."

News of local businesses holding Pokémon GO based events is becoming more and more common, as we get further away from its initial launch. However, what Betabrand is doing isn't just an's providing a location to get fan photos with game characters, serving up Pokésnacks and providing a bank of chargers to juice up guests!

Betabrand's founder tests out store's sparkling new Green Screen Machine.

Have you noticed businesses embracing the Pokémon GO phenomenon in YOUR area? Share in the comments below!

ABOUT BETABRAND: In order to locate Betabrand's headquarters for the ultimate experience with Pokémon GO, they can be found at 780 Valencia St. in San Francisco. Betabrand is a crowdfunding clothing company that releases new designs daily.