'Jimmy Olsen' to Appear in JUSTICE LEAGUE Movie

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On the Superman Homepage monthly podcast (Radio KAL), host Steve Younis dropped some fun cameo news.

On the most recent "Radio KAL" podcast, Younis was talking about how he attended a special screening of Superman 2, held at the Hayden Orpheum Theater in Australia. Among those in attendance were several actors from the movie: Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen) and Sara Douglas (Ursa).

Getting the opportunity to ask questions, Younis asked if either of them were offered a role in any upcoming movies or tv shows:

"Marc McClure revealed that not only does he have a recurring role in the upcoming tv series "Powerless"...he also revealed that he will be in a film to be released at the end of 2017 hint, hint."

That movie could only be Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE, due out late 2017. While there was no revelation as to what McClure's cameo would entail, it's nice to see that the tradition of cameo's continues.

Cameo appearances have almost become a parody of themselves, specifically with the king of cameo's, Stan Lee. However, some of them hold a more special place in viewers hearts; particularly when Linda Carter played the President of the United States in the latest episode of SUPERGIRL.

the "Radio KAL" podcast is a monthly show made available by co-hosts Steve Younis and 'Scotty V', courtesy of Superman Homepage.