Taking Flight: SUPERGIRL ep 208 "Medusa"

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The beginning of the highly touted 4 episode crossover on The CW, SUPERGIRL still has some important ends to tie up on her Earth, before she can take flight and save another. While it takes a while to finally get to the actual crossover, there are hints of something coming scattered throughout the episode.

The episode starts off with Thanksgiving dinner at Kara's apartment and puts comaraderie and frienship on full display. The cast has developed amazing chemistry as their dymanic continues to evolve with one another. Alex, James and Winn all have something they want to share with Kara and their 'discussion' as to who will go first is how real life friends would hash it out. When Mon-El shows up for dinner, he continues to delight with his playful innocence as he struggles to grasp simple concepts such as 'bring the stuffing'.

His addition to the show has been better than I could've hoped for. As his feelings develop for Kara, I can see a far better relationship for the two of them than anyone else they've tried to pair her with.

Dinner is interrupted by a brief tear in the fabric of space and time. Those of us who have been following along with THE FLASH, know exactly what it's from.

The following day, it's business as usual at the DEO as Supergirl, Alex, Winn and J'onn discuss their next move involving CADMUS. I love that Alex comes walking in with a dish of leftovers. A staple of any working American the day after Thanksgiving dinner. Kara suggests speaking to Lena Luthor to see about uncovering what she knows about her mother's involvement with CADMUS. Winn and Alex decide to perform a little subterfuge by tapping into Lena's phones and computers.

Kara's interview doesn't last long as it appears Lena was catching on to what's happening. She mentions a meeting she forgot about and cuts the conversation short.

Jumping over to Mon-El, who is often seen grabbing a drink at the alien friendly bar that Maggie Sawyer introduced us to, we see his loyalty tested for a brief moment. He excuses himself when he recognizes J'onn; who is just getting up to leave. To his surprise it was actually Cyborg Superman, who, like J'onn, retains the appearance of the deceased Hank Henshaw. After a scuffle that sent Mon-El flying into a dumpster. When he recovers, Mon-El is horrified by the scene left behind.

Lena Luthor's meeting, with her mother, was bone chilling and brilliantly performed. We learn that Lena is adopted and therefore without the tainted bloodline, perhaps she really is on the 'up and up'. The cerebral sparring match that takes place, verbally, is emotional and powerful. I absolutely loved this scene.

In a fun exchange, during the DEO imposed quarantine, we get to see Supergirl and Mon-El have a heart-to-heart over a game of Monopoly. When Mon-El grows ill, Supergirl rushes off to the Fortress of Solitude after learning that Cyborg Superman used her blood to infiltrate it. Eventually she tracks him down to a planned attack on L-Corp. During their confrontation, Supergirl is downed but yet another portal appears, distracting Cyborg Superman allowing Supergirl to gain an advantage. Creating a distraction of his own, he escapes before either of them can be declared a victor.

Supergirl visits Lena Luthor pleading for her help to stop her mother, Lillian, from carrying out her plan to release a poisonous gas across National City. Instead she ends up bridging the communication barrier, allowing Lena to understand her mother better.

The climactic ending to the episode is too good for me to explain in detail what happens. I will, however, tell you that Supergirl was not able to stop the rocket carrying the virus as it exploded over National City. You will need to check out the episode, on The CW,  to discover how the aliens are able to survive the CADMUS launched chemical weapon. By the end of the episode we see relationships evolve between Maggie and Alex while Mon-El and Kara's begin to blossom. And even though J'onn was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, his bravery is rewarded with a new lease on life.

After the episode ends, we finally get to see what's been happening with those random portals showing up when Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon from THE FLASH appear in Kara's apartment. Excited to see her old friend, she's quickly brought up to speed when Barry tells her he needs her help.

Find out what he needs help with by checking out THE FLASH!

If you came for the crossover, and weren't a regular viewer of SUPERGIRL, you may have been a little disappointed. It's not uncommon for crossovers to focus mainly on their hero to give new viewers a taste of what they'll get if they come back for more. Were you satisfied with how this episode ties in?