You Won't Believe Superman's New Relationship Status!

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When I saw this coming across the interwebs I couldn't believe it. It's been hinted at, over the years, within the panels of comics during the 'golden age' and even explored during the New 52. But now that's it's being done where tomorrow's generation of comic book readers will see it, the future looks bright for the 'power couple'!

Over the course of Superman's 75 plus years of existence, his relationship status has been relatively consistent; albeit with a few blips on the radar. Superman loves Lois Lane. It's been as consistent as his red underwear. Even though he's remained true to his heart, there have been several instances where it's implied he was attracted to Wonder Woman.

The debate of who Superman should be romantically involved with has become a hot topic ever since DC launched the "New 52".

When DC re-booted their universe, they erased 'Lois and Clark' and replaced it with 'Diana and Kal'. The ultimate power couple was formed when Jim Lee rocked the news world with the reveal of his cover, dubbed "The Kiss", for an issue of Justice League. Superman and Wonder Woman were falling in love. For many readers it seemed like a natural fit.

For many more, it created waves.

Fans who 'ship the 'Lois and Clark' dynamic felt betrayed by DC's decision to split up the iconic couple. Even some of the industry's writers and artists began to take sides, using social media to offer their opinions. Emotions were tempered when DC announced 'Convergence', a story which introduced Pre-Flashpoint Superman into the New 52. This Superman had been married to Lois Lane and together they were raising a child, Jonathan.

Meanwhile the New 52 Superman, who was still love with Wonder Woman, died. This ended the brief, canonical, relationship.

Or did it?

If you follow the DCAU (DC Animated Universe), then you know that Superman and Wonder Woman's affection for each other was included in the JUSTICE LEAGUE: WAR and THRONE of ATLANTIS movies. Given those movies were based on stories distributed during the New 52, it seemed that their relationship status in those films was merely a byproduct of the source material.

But what about NEW material?

With the release of the new animated series Justice League: Action, it appears that Superman and Wonder Woman continue to enjoy each other's company. In the mini-sodes that are made available on Cartoon Network, an episode titled: REPULSE, has the power couple on a date. Many of their adventures through the first nine episodes have them working together.

So what's happening over at the DC/WB conglomerate that's creating a disconnect over who Superman should be with? In the comics they want Lois and in cartoons they want Wonder Woman. Keep in mind, cartoons are what inspire future generations of comic book readers. DC won't want them going to a comic book store in 5 years looking for Superman and Wonder Woman, only to wonder why he's with Lois Lane.

We here at Critical Blast aren't exactly into creating a tabloid firestorm of what celebrity is dating who. But when it comes to fictional characters and sorting through the editorial mess that's been created, we don't mind trying to make sense of it all. Clearly there is a disconnect and while normally it may not be a big deal, this is Superman we're talking about. The 'boyscout'. The man with morality and honor and an old-fashioned, mid-western upbringing. How is it that DC/WB have him running around with another woman?

We know that there is a multi-verse that DC enjoys playing in. So perhaps they're just sharing the love and giving everyone the best of both worlds. Or, it's more likely that they just don't know what they're doing and it's another example of editorial confusion.

Let us know, in the comments below, who YOU think Superman should be with.