Taking Flight: SUPERGIRL 'Lives' with Kevin Smith Ep 209

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SUPERGIRL has returned with episode 2.10 titled, "Supergirl Lives" directed by Kevin Smith. After a long layoff it's time to get back to protecting the world (particularly National City) from alien threats.

The episode starts off with Supergirl chasing down a couple of low level jewel thieves. An event that really shouldn't have her racing to catch up to the van, as we've seen her run alongside The Flash. It's a sequence that's necessary to work itself into upcoming events. As she topples the van by blowing out it's rear tire, the two thugs in the back miraculously escape unharmed. As they flee the scene, Guardian appears to cut them off but is distracted by one who wields a knife; allowing the other to run in the opposite direction.

Winn, sitting in the truck as Guardian's 'eyes and ears', opens the door and seemingly knocks the man unconscious. As he gets out to celebrate, it turns out the man was down but not out. Winn quickly finds himself punched to the ground and held at gunpoint.

I was sad to see Calista Flockhart's 'Cat Grant' leave the show but Winn's character development has grown leaps and bounds since he joined the DEO. His story is one of my favorite aspects of this episode. More on that later.

In case anyone forgot, we quickly get reintroduced to Alex's newfound realtionship with Maggie. We're also reminded that she's still in that 'puppy love' stage where it's all new and exciting. Chyler Leigh's portrayal of someone who has finally found happiness contrasts well against Floriana Lima's more level headed Maggie. They came into the relationship from very different places and their scene together magnifies that as Alex wants to ditch work while Maggie suggests while it would be fun, it's not practical.

It's not to be forgotten that with the absence of Cat Grant, Snapper Carr has stepped forward as the professional foil for Kara. As bitter as his coffee most likely is, Snapper is less than pleased with Kara and James bothering him with news stories about Supergirl and Guardian. When a distraught mother comes in hoping to find an investigative reporter willing to help her locate her missing daughter, Kara is compelled to help. Against Snapper's better judgement.

Kara head's to the alien bar, which is extremely short-staffed since it was bombed with poisonous gas and discovers Mon-El working there. Chris Wood has been so much fun to watch as he plays the alien from Daxam. He brings a humor that is understandably idiotic as he continues to have no clue when trying to grasp human culture. His delivery of advice to Kara, was a throwback to Woody Harrelson's character on CHEERS.

Kara and Mon-El track down a lead, looking for the missing girl, and find themselves entering a portal that sends them to another planet. One that has a red sun; for any newcomers here's some 'cliff notes' on red sun vs yellow sun as it relates to Kryptonians:

Red Sun = BAD / Yellow Sun = GOOD

As Kara and Mon-El head towards the 'Murder Castle', Winn quits being James' partner in their 'Guardian' effort. Being held at gunpoint was too much for him. Because Winn is always so upbeat, seeing him hurting like this really makes you feel for the character. In a world where everyone is brave, he struggles to deal with the idea that he values his mortality and fears death. However he still allows his humor to pull him through situations of extreme danger by reminding himself that he's "not a redshirt".

While I would've preferred to see Winn's PTSD carry out over the course of several episodes, I think it was great development.

During the climactic ending we get some more insight on Mon-El's mysterious past. When we were first introduced to him, I was concerned there might be something more to him. Especially since we continue to call him Mon-El as if the producers forgot his real name is Lar Gand (according to comic book lore). A Dominator appears (yes, from the big crossover event) during their escape and declares that Mon-El is not to be harmed and then...BOWS to him? Yeah, I'm thinking Mon-El wasn't the bodyguard...but he was actually the Prince who cowardly escaped from his planet's destruction. He's been putting on a ruse this whole time and I can't wait to see it revealed.

If you look at his entire character arc, from that perspective, it changes how you view his role. Mon-El is ashamed of his cowardice and through Supergirl's inspiration, he's trying to redeem himself.

Overall the episode was well crafted and Kevin Smith's SUPERGIRL debut was very good; especially for those of us who grew up reading Highlights magazine!

If I want to nitpick at a few things I would say it bothered me that the DEO can invent a yellow sun grenade, but can't create a breathing device to allow Martian Manhunter to safely visit a planet that is toxic to him? And then there's the nepotism involved with hiring Kevin Smith as a director when his daughter, who's famous for being his daughter, Harley Quinn Smith was cast to play the runaway girl. 

The drama between Alex and Maggie felt a little forced but it allowed them to have a moment to work things out and come to an understanding. Which ultimately strengthens their relationship.

The episode was a great way to kick off the second half of the season and there are plenty of story beats to build off of. Let us know what you thought of th episode in the comments below!

4.0 / 5.0