Adam West Narrates Latest Promo for NBC's POWERLESS

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NBC's latest comedy, which airs Thursday February 2nd, takes place in the DC Universe where superheroes are known for their heroic deeds. Unfortunately, other than the villains, innocent bystanders tend to be the most affected by the use of super-powers.

Originally pitched as a workplace comedy centered around insurance adjusters, the theme of the show has been shifted to a team of inventors working for "Wayne Security". Their task is to find ways for the 'cowering commuters' to protect themselves when a super-battle occurs.

The latest promo has the iconic Adam West (Batman 1966), narrating. This can only lead to a small bit of hope that perhaps he'll cameo in an episode along the way. Starring Vanessa Hudgens and Alan Tudyk, POWERLESS will reference many of DC's heroes with its comedic narrative.

POWERLESS premieres this Thursday on NBC.