"The Final Defender Arrives" in Official IRON FIST Trailer

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It's here! And it's HOT! With a little over a month before it's release (3/17) on NETFLIX, the official trailer for Marvel's IRON FIST packs a punch!

The opening sequence has Danny returning to reclaim his company, only to face some opposition from security, and he doesn't take lightly to be manhandled. While security is just doing their jobs, his instincts kick in and immediately takes them down in a heartbeat. Like brushing dust off his shoulder he easily moves past the security team.

There's enough action and mysticism in the trailer to give you the full effect of what to expect from IRON FIST. We're even treated to the activation of his chi as he destroys walls and crushes a room full of opponents with a single fiery punch to the ground.

With Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and of course Daredevil already roaming the streets, Marvel has saved the best for last. IRON FIST will see Danny Rand fight to reclaim his company while rooting out the evil within. His journey of self-discovery will also be one of the many subplots to go along with previewing an enemy on the rise for which THE DEFENDERS will need to contend with.

Take a look at this action packed, martial arts filled, trailer and get ready for IRON FIST!

Commentary: I personally loved DAREDEVIL and while JESSICA JONES and LUKE CAGE haven't really sparked much interest...IRON FIST has immediately gotten my attention. While I don't have a deep history with the character, I'm excited to explore this iteration. Once again the Marvel/Netflix partnership looks to be delivering a bonafide hit on their hands. IRON FIST should fit right in with the other 'Defenders'. I love good martial arts and the small amout of fight sequences we get in this trailer has me confident that we'll see some really exciting scenes.

5.0 / 5.0