Superman #18 "We've Lost the Only Thing That Mattered..."

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The secret behind Rebirth Superman existing alongside Clark Kent, while posing as Clark White, is the focus of SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS crossover story titled: REBORN.


The book opens to Dr. Oz discovering that one of his prisoners has escaped. "Superman please save me" has been scrawled in stone as a plea to the man of steel. A distraught Dr. Oz is heckled by his other prisoners as they cheer over the escapee's success.

While Lois and Clark White celebrate an anniversary with their son, Jonathan, Clark Kent approaches their home in Hamilton County. Leaving a photo album on their front porch he mysteriously disappears. As the White's begin looking through the album, the kitchen appears to catch on fire.

But when they try to put it out...there's no fire at all. Everything is disappearing from existence. Including JONATHAN!

In an issue that solidifies the love and togetherness the White family has for each other, it quickly begins to dissolve as they struggle to find a way to reverse whatever it is that's causing Jonathan to disappear.

Touching moments like Jonathan begging his father not to let him go, gave me chills. When Jon disappears from the basement and Superman flies straight up through the house to try and catch him before he disappears again had me cheering him on. "GO! GO!" I thought to myself. It's been a long time since a comic book elicited so much emotion from me that I was hoping my words would help the hero get there in time.

I didn't want to like Jonathan White as Superman's son. It seemed like we were cheated out of enjoying and celebrating the notion that Lois and Clark were having a child together. It just...was. But now that we've had months of this little boy living in the pages of Superman, it's sad to see what's happening to him. Of course whatever happens, the continuity problem in comics prevents us from worrying too much. After all, Jonathan just got started in the pages of his own title SUPER SONS, where he appears with the Bat-brat himself, Damian Wayne.

But I digress...

Lois breaking down in tears over the loss of her son was a touching moment, even though we've only known the boy for just under a year. However despite the horrible circumstances, Superman refuses to accept that Jonathan has been 'lost'. Rather he believes they can get their son back and he intends to do it through force.

This issue was a fascinating first chapter to a storyline that you won't have to wait six months to see played out. Crossing over between SUPERMAN and ACTION COMICS throughout the month of March, SUPERMAN: REBORN will provide a sense of continuity that doesn't happen often. A new chapter each week should prevent REBORN from growing stagnant and forgotten about.

If Superman stories have frustrated you over the past year or so, this could be a good opportunity to jump back in. It seems like DC is attempting to unify the character's split personality and put the genie back in the bottle, so to speak. Ever since New 52 Lois Lane revealed that Clark Kent was Superman, there's been a disconnect with some of the lore that makes the character appealing to so many. Hopefully SUPEMAN: REBORN will make everything right again.

The four-part crossover event will appear in Superman #18, SUPERMAN #19 and in ACTION COMICS #975 & #976.

Written by:

Tomasi, Gleason and Jurgens

Art by:

Gleason and Mahnke

5.0 / 5.0