Taking Flight: SUPERGIRL 0214 "Homecoming" Unravels Family Ties

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Monday's episode of SUPERGIRL brought the Danvers' dad, Jeremiah, home to be reunited with his family. But did everyone welcome him back with open arms?


The episode starts off with some funny moments as Mon-El awakens from a night spent at Kara's. Wondering why she wasn't there when he woke up, he opines on whether that means 'it' was really bad...or really good.

When she returns, she comes bearing flowers and coffee for Mon-El. She also requests that when they get to the DEO, he says nothing about their relationship. She wants to keep it under wraps for now. When they arrive Mon-El makes his announcement in a way that Ron Burgundy would be proud.

Jeremiah gets reintroduced when Supergirl and Martian Manhunter go to stop a Cadmus convoy. They were surprised to find that Jeremiah was the cargo. While family and friends at the DEO were elated to see Jeremiah returned alive and (mostly) well, there was one skeptic.


Being an outsider allows him to look at the situation objectively, without letting his feelings get in the way of common sense. When he mentions that it seems a little too convenient for Jeremiah to just fall in their lap, he's criticized heavily by everyone else. Naturally it upsets Kara and quickly put a strain on their newfound relationship. But Mon-El refused to sacrifice his beliefs in order to win his love's favor.

During a dinner at Kara's apartment, Kara tells him to say something nice to Jeremiah. As Mon-El spoke, he couldn't help himself but continue to press daddy Danvers on the convenience of his arrival. He was quickly shouted down and Kara told him to leave. Jeremiah escorted him out.

And revealed that he knew Mon-El's secret as a threat for the Daxamite to back off. Another hint at Mon-El's pending secret to keep that story beat alive while we deal with more pressing matters at hand. Rest assured that when it's revealed, it will be another test for Kara and Mon-El's relationship.

Determined to prove his theory correct, Mon-El enlists the help of Winn. You can see that Winn still cares about Kara and while he doesn't mope around pining for her, it's the love of someone who is a true friend. He pleads with Mon-El to treat Kara right as they discuss Mon's theories on Jeremiah's return. I love this exchange between the two men in Kara's life. Their love for Kara is on different scales and it's nice to see that Winn is looking out for his friend. And just in case you needed to be reminded that Winn is over Kara, Lyra shows up for some smoochy time.

From that moment the drama begins to pick up as J'onn gives Jeremiah his DEO ID badge to move freely about the complex. Jeremiah immediately begins hacking into the system, pulling up files which turn out to be on both Alex and Kara. His aliby when Winn calls him out on it? He missed his daughter's and wanted to catch up on what they've been involved with. And while Winn confirms that those were the only files he looked at, Mon-El still isn't buying it.

The episode really ramps up the interpersonal relationship drama as Mon-El begins to get Kara to see the convenience in Jeremiah's arrival. Alex refuses to accept it and she turns on Kara when it's brought up again. Alex's blind love for her father cloud's her judgement as a DEO agent. When Jeremiah informs the team about the location of a Cadmus bomb, they go to investigate. That's when the wheels come off the 'Jeremiah's a good guy' bus. Once Supergirl, Alex and accompanying agents are in the warehouse, Jeremiah runs off to finish the mission he was sent there for. An epic sequence between J'onn and Jeremiah ensues. During their fight, it's revealed that Jeremiah has had some 'modifications' done during his time with Cadmus.

It all comes to a head when Alex chases down Jeremiah as he makes his escape but her love and devotion prevents her from pulling the trigger as he gets away. We get to see at the very end that while he's helping Cadmus, its for something in return. He even tells Alex that everything he's done was to protect her. Clearly, whatever Cadmus plans on doing they're leveraging Jeremiah's love for his daughter's in exchange for his services. Perhaps they've promised certain protections?

The episode features some brilliant acting from David Harewood as he was so intense in his scene with Dean Cain, I was intimidated from the sofa in my living room. Chyler Leigh continues to show tremendous emotion in all the right places as her range of anger with Kara to heartbroken tears on Maggie's shoulder.

"Homecoming" really allowed Chris Wood's portrayal of Mon-El to shine for a bit. Standing out from the crowd as everyone applauded the return of Jeremiah, Mon-El was free of bias. He stood his ground and while it placed some strain on his relationships, especially with Kara, he remained true to his conviction. If you're a fan of Mon-El, this was a great episode for him and his relationship with Kara. He continues to grow as one of my favorite character's on the show.

As a side note, once again James Olsen is MIA. How much longer before we accept that his involvement in the show is no longer necessary? Because I'm already there. I'm just waiting for the producers to see it and cut him loose.

5.0 / 5.0