Get Your Cape On: DC Super Hero Girls Lands Series on Cartoon Network

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Coming in hot off the popularity of their webisodes, Warner Bros. Animation has announced production on DC SUPER HERO GIRLS the series!

Expected to air on Cartoon Network some time in 2018, the series will follow the adventures of super teenagers Diana, Kara, Barbara, Harley, and others. DC SUPER HERO GIRLS the series comes from producer Lauren Faust (My Little Pony) and Sam Register (Justice League Action). Are there other producers more perfect to carry the torch of such a valued property? I can't think of any.

Pitched as an action-comedy series, it's sad to see that Shea Fontana will not be working on further developing the world she has helped create. She took to twitter to comment on the upcoming series:

Shea refers to it as a 'reimagination', which is different than what Deadline is reporting. We have to trust Ms Fontana has more reliable information, given she is so deeply involved with the characters. She has been a big part in turning the property into a mega-hit with young girls. Having a hand in direct-to-video movies, webisodes and even digital comics, not having Shea along for this new venture almost seems criminal.

Hopefully she'll get to write an episode or two along the way.

From Cartoon Network:
Gal pals Bumblebee, Zatanna and Green Lantern Jessica Cruz are always there to lend an ear, a shoulder to cry on and a fist to punch with, and their bros in the Justice League amp up the fun whether they’re at a concert or taking down a crime ring. But what happens when Diana and her favorite study buddy and fencing partner, Tatsu, can’t agree on how to dole out justice as Wonder Woman and Katana? Or when Barbara finds out her Gotham-Con bestie is teen-fiend Harley Quinn? Along with all their friends, foes and frenemies, this squad of super teens navigates the unique growing pains that come when you’re a teenager trying to fight the battles of the world and the battles of growing up at the same time.