Wonder Woman's OSCAR Snub Means There is Still Work to Do

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How is a movie that features a female director, and lead role, get snubbed by the very vocal Hollywood which recently crusaded for women's voices to be heard?

Just a few short days ago, women took to the streets all across America shouting claims of being treated unfairly. Just a few short weeks ago, the men and women who make up the Hollywood elite spoke to a national audience, during the Golden Globes, to praise women who have suffered abuse, just to make it in the industry.

It appears that the noise didn't equal results. How could it be that with all of the rabble rousing and table banging, the voices still weren't heard? Especially with an empowering movie such as WONDER WOMAN staring the committee down.

A movie that features one of the most well-known female icons in all of pop-culture has been completely left out of the OSCARS. Not a single nomination from an awards ceremony that boasts 24 categories?

Take out categories that WONDER WOMAN wouldn't qualify for and it still had the potential to be nominated for SEVENTEEN categories.

The movie can make a solid case for (easily) 3 or 4 of the remaining categories. I'd like to take the people responsible, for nominations, and sit them down in a room to discuss how in Themiscrya this could have happened. How is it that one of the most applauded, talked about, and financially successful movies got treated like an abomination during award season?

It's not uncommon for a genre movie to get snubbed for best picture; let's assume for that reason alone it didn't get nominated. This would all but eliminate Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and others from getting the nod for lead and supporting actors/actresses. It would also eliminate Patty Jenkins from best director. Or should it? 

There were 9 movies nominated for "Best Picture" compared to only 5 nominations for "Best Director". Did any director have a greater impact on cinema, this year, than Patty Jenkins? If a movie can be nominated for best picture, while snubbing its director...why can't it work the other way around? In addition to that, what committee rule states that you can't have 6 nominees for "Best Director"?

Adding Patty Jenkins into the mix would allow her to get the recognition she deserves.

If nominated, would it actually stand a chance to WIN? While I believe the answer is yes, objectively it shouldn't matter. Just knowing that the movie was recognized for its accomplishments would be enough. That being said, I see no reason why WONDER WOMAN couldn't win awards for, at the very least, "Visual Effects" and "Costume Design". A fictional island of all-female warriors was inserted into World War I, where it climaxed as the God, Ares, did battle with Wonder Woman on an airfield consumed in flames. But, for some reason, one of the biggest and most empowering movies of the year, wasn't included in the Oscars.

During a time when women's voices are the loudest.

The fact that STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI and LOGAN found their way into the mix tells me it's not a "genre film" snub. It's a sign that there's more work to do, among the Hollywood elite, to show they actually believe the words they preach.