Peter Dinklage: "It's Time" for Game of Thrones to End

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Speaking candidly during an interview for DirectTV, AT&T VIP event at the Sundance Festival, Peter Dinklage, who many know as Tyrion Lannister was asked his opinion about Game of Thrones coming to an end.

"It's time," he said.

Commenting that it's "bittersweet" but, for the lives of the people involved, he acknowledged that many of them are ready to move on. And while he enjoyed being a part of the long running drama, it was important to avoid hanging around for too long and "jumping the shark".

While following along the George R.R. Martin novels with great accuracy in the first few seasons, eventually the producers of the show began taking some liberties with the story. With Martin's blessing and inside knowledge of how the books will end, they were freed up to tell an adapted and abridged version of "The Song of Ice and Fire". This led many fans to wonder and worry about the fates of some of their favorite characters.

With the final season, not set to air on HBO until 2019 Dinklage's comments seem appropriate. They weren't exactly a loving send-off that many fans may have hoped for, however. His body language and tone of voice indicated that he wasn't at all sentimental about parting ways with the iconic character, for whom he's portrayed across seven seasons.

You can see his entire answer below. Warning: If you hope to hear him gush about the series and/or his character, you will be disappointed.