Brian Michael Bendis: "Kara is a Huge Part of the New Superman Books"

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When DC Comics brought in Brian Michael Bendis to take over writing duties on the Superman comics, they brought in arguably one of the best in the industry.

And he has big plans.

Not only will he be re-launching (sort of) the Superman comic book, but his story in Action Comics #1000 will be the foundation for much of what is changing going forward. He will also be penning a MAN OF STEEL weekly book in May which builds off of his story in the pages of the historical 1000th issue.

With news of Supergirl's title being cancelled, many people wondered what will come next for the maid of might. It's hard to imagine that with such a successful TV show, she would just disappear from comics. Brian Michael Bendis took to Twitter to alleviate those concerns:

"Kara is a HUGE part of the new Superman books. and man, is she a blast to write." He writes, "we're going to get VERY deep into her character in the new stories."

One of the things that DC's top selling character (Batman) does so well, is involve other character's in the "Bat-family". Detective Comics is a revolving door of characters who assist Batman. The fact that Bendis is taking this approach by including Supergirl and using it as a way to explore her character says that DC is serious about the importance of Superman's supporting cast.

Don't take that last statement the wrong way. Supergirl has shown time and again that she's capable of holding her own title. That being said, she is the perfect candidate to benefit from the exposure that comes from being in a Superman book.

The fact that Bendis is taking Supergirl seriously and including her as an important piece of Superman's story, is encouraging.

Does this news add to your excitement? It does mine, and I didn't think that was possible.