Cameron Cuffe Changed His Entire Way of Being for KRYPTON Role

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In an interview with Men's Health, actor Cameron Cuffe talked about how he added 15 lbs of muscle in order to bear the weight of being Superman's grandfather.

Through a combination of German Volume Training and mixed martial arts Cuffe transformed his body to reflect the type of lifestyle that his character Seg-El endures. According to the article Seg-El is more likely to be in bar brawls and street fights, rather than saving the world. So naturally is was fitting that he sculpt a physique that represented the life of a brawler.

From the interview:

"My training wasn’t to look like a supermodel," Cuffe tells Men’s Health about his preparation for the role. "It was to build a body that looks like the consequence of a certain lifestyle. Seg’s lifestyle is pretty rough. He has to fight to survive, literally."

“So much of Seg’s story is about perseverance and just trying to stay in the ring for one more round," he says. "Training really gave me the concept of stamina and determination.”

From pulling a stack of weights across the gym ala Bruce Wayne in Batman v Superman, to doing Superman push-ups that are exactly what you think they are, Cuffe had to go beyond the gym in order to complete his training. His life became that of going to the gym, eating a lot of food, and sleeping to help his body heal and grow.

He had to change his lifestyle to fit the emulate that of the character he was playing. His passion and dedication for a character that nobody even knew existed two years ago, are unmatched. If you weren't sure about whether or not to tune in for the adventures of Superman's grandfather, as he confronts warring houses on a dying planet that's being threatened by Brainiac, you may be able to at least admire the work he put in for the role.

KRYPTON premieres on SyFy March 21st.