DC Completes Comics Award Sweeps; Ethan Van Sciver Best Comics Artist of 2017

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Best of 2017 EvS Hal Jordan and GLC

It's been a very good year this year for DC Comics at the annual Critical Blast awards.

First, they take the prize for Best Comic Book Storyline of 2017 with DARK NIGHTS: METAL.

Then they get more notoriety when BATMAN and MISTER MIRACLE SCRIBE, Tom King, is awarded Best Comics Writer of 2017.

Well, DC fans--the streak isn't over yet!

The ancient Romans used to have a saying about art: De gustibus non est disputandam. One cannot argue about taste. Well, we may not argue about it, but you can certainly declare which is more popular, and that's what the readers of Critical Blast have done once again. With some strong competition this year from a host of notable names, including Greg Capullo, Yancey Labat, and Amy Reeder, the slugfest of the pencilers came down to Giuseppe Camuncoli (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) and Ethan Van Sciver (HAL JORDAN & THE GREEN LANTERN CORPS).

And when the votes were calculated, it wasn't even close, folks. With a monstrous 30 percent of all ballots cast, Critical Blast is pleased to announce that ETHAN VAN SCIVER has been declared this year's Best Comics Artist of 2017!

Take it away, Ethan!