DC Comics Releases Tom King's Complete Action Comics #1000 Story

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In a shocking move, DC Comics has decided to release Tom King's FULL story for Action Comics #1000, due out this April.

Five pages of beautiful prose and art combined to bring this grown man to tears. Without knowing entirely what's going on, you slowly watch and listen to Superman fill you in on what he's been up to. Where he is. And who he's talking to.

I'm not going to spoil a single thing but I promise you that if you have a heart and a soft spot in your soul for the Man of Steel, you will sucumb to emotion. Clay Mann provides beautiful artwork complimented by Jordie Bellaire's colors. And yes, props to the letterer John Workman for providing text that is easy to follow so you can just sink into the story.

Every panel builds off the previous one as we are slowly taken through Superman's journey. The dialogue provides insight in poetic fashion as you slowly realize what is happening. What HAS happened.

Action Comics #1000 will be THE book to buy this year. Everyone else can just shut it down.

Jump on over to DC Comics and get your tears out of the way now, so when you buy it you won't ruin the pages.