"Making of a Legend" Takes you Inside the World of KRYPTON

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On your program guide for SyFy, you'll notice that tomorrow night a featurette called "Krypton: Making of a Legend" will air in the 11 pm time slot. If you don't want to wait that long, SyFy has released the featurette online.

The intro features Geoff Johns, Brian Michael Bendis, Jim Lee, Scott Snyder, and others Superman's impact and the importance of Krypton's legacy. Hosted by Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), as he stands on the set in Belfast where the Fortress of Solitude scenes are filmed, the 22 minute long commentary dives deep into the world of Krypton including the origin of the series.

Take note, however, that there are spoilers for the show and because we're exploring a history that hasn't really been revealed, some viewers may not want to watch it until they've seen the pilot which airs March 21st.

You will be exposed to many intermittent scenes from the series as Cameron Welsh (executive producer), David S. Goyer, and Geoff Johns reveal the origin of the show spinning out of 2013's Man of Steel. They discuss the class system, the politics, and of course the religion centering around the fabled "Rao".

The featurette provides some insight on many of the important characters including Val-El, Lyta Zod, and Nyssa Vex. Even Adam Strange, who we've seen in many of the trailers, giving Seg-El a warning that drives the plot of the show.

Halfway through the episode it becomes a love letter to Superman as Neil Adams, Frank Miller, Richard Donner among others contribute anecdotes about their personal and professional relationship with the Man of Steel. In order to understand the importance of Seg-El journey on KRYPTON, viewers must realize the impact that Superman has had both in the fictional world, and ours.

You will learn the importance of exploring Kal-El's family history. Although he was raised on Earth by the loving Ma and Pa Kent, his heritage and bloodline come from Krypton and a once great family that was stripped of its rank. This type of exploratory prose has not been done with as much detail as KRYPTON seeks to do now.

Throughout Superman's 80 years of existence in fiction, creators have continued to add segments to the history of Krypton when applicable. Now, SyFy, is delivering a series dedicated to the doomed planet that gave birth to the greatest and most recognizable superhero on Earth.

At one point in the featurette, Cameron Cuffe enters the DC Comics archive and is shown a map of Krypton. He comments that some of the places on that map are, in fact, featured on the show. This is a small example of how the showrunners have used source material to flesh out their world. How many people knew that the "Rainbow Caverns" or the "Volcano of Gold" existed on Superman's home planet?

If you want to find all of the easter eggs, you will need to do some serious research. You won't need a lot of research to understand the important role that Brainiac will play in the inaugural season of KRYPTON. He and Adam Strange, who acts as a proxy for the viewers at home, have been featured in many other stories throughout the history of DC COmics. For some additional excitement David S. Goyer discusses some of the other things to look for such as the "Black Mercy", Thanagaar, and yes...DOOMSDAY.

As Cuffe so elegantly puts it, "People genuinely have no idea, what is about to come their way."

You can watch the featurette, in its entirety below, or wait until it airs on SyFy Wednesday, March 14th!