Fight Like El: Ep 102 "House of El" Recap

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Brainiac and Phantom Zone and Rao...oh my! Episode 2 titled "House of El" hits the ground running by picking up right where the pilot ended.

The pilot established the world and society of Krypton, as well as laid the foundation for the characters. This allowed episode 2 to breathe. Krypton doesn't talk down to its viewers by feeling like it needs to explain every minute detail. But when its necessary to set up a significant plot point, it does a very good job doing so.

In this episode, they explain why Adam Strange is there and not Seg's grandson. How strange is able to get there, via Zeta Beams. Seg has decided that he was going to take matters into his own hands by confronting Daron Vex. Strange pleads with him to listen and not do anything that could jeopordize Superman's future. He suggests that Seg could manipulate Daron into gaining access to Krypton's satellite systems to prove what he's saying.

When they return to Kandor, Seg recommends that Strange get a change of clothes to help him blend in more. Members of the Sagittari find Seg to return him to Nyssa. Daron, her father, has been waiting for Seg and Nyssa takes the blame for his tardiness.

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The many faces of Rao approached Seg, as Daron provides some backstory on why they once had 7 gods, but now only Rao matters. Reminding Seg that his parents were criminals, Daron wants Seg's reassurance that he will not follow this path.

Meanwhile, Lyta Zod discovers that Quex will lead the Sagittari in carrying out an attack on the Rankless district in order to flush out members of the Black Zero. After Charys and Ter-El's claims to serve the terrorist group, there was concern that sympathizers exist within the Rankless. Lyta attempted to plead her case that not all Rankless should be held accountable for the actions of a few. She used Seg's act of heroism (stopping an attack on the council) as an example.

Her 'intended', Dev-Em, reminds her that he watched his family die at the hands of members of Black Zero. He would not allow any Rankless to harbor or assist in the support of terrorists. He reveals a massive scar across his back and says that it's not right for Seg to walk freely among the guilds since he is the son of a traitor.

Lyta brings her complaint to her mother, Jayna, but is told that she has neither the right or the rank to question the offensive.

Seg summons Lyta to the bridge where his grandfather Val-El received his death sentence. He tells her that he doesn't know what he's meant to do now, without his parents. Lyta reminds him to be true to himself.

Returning to speak with Daron, Seg requests his parents remains to perform proper funeral rights. Daron says that cannot be allowed because of their treachery. He then goes on to say how much he admired Val, but what he was doing threatened their whole way of life. Daron says Val spoke of an existence that threatened worlds and was coming for Krypton. Seg suggests that if Daron admired Val, then he should be allowed to carry out his grandfather's work.
Seg gives Adam 2 hours to come up with solid proof that a threat exists.

Later, Kem begs Seg to listen to reason but is met with resistance as Seg just asks for Kem to trust him. Which the loyal Kem does without another word. Adam Strange begins playing with the tablet device that Seg set down and makes a comment about playing Candy Crush, a joke that makes no sense on another planet hundreds of years in the past; but it works for us. Adam is from our time and he is our gateway into that world.

Seg explains that he now has access to the science guild's databanks along with the tablet. He gives Adam Strange 2 hours to provide some kind of proof, that what he says is true or he's going back to his original plan to kill Daron Vex.

Lyta approaches Commander Quex and invokes the spirit of Jo-Mon. A fight to the death for the rank of Commander so Lyta's voice can be heard. Jayna commands Lyta to speak with her in private. In a wonderful moment, Jayna speaks to Lyta as a mother, with concern that her daughter may have signed her own death sentence. Lyta defends her actions with conviction and Jayna bids her luck.

Returning to the Tavern, Strange has yet to find any definitive proof of the threat he's been warning about. Seg grows weary of waiting around; Kem does his best to calm down his friend. Playing the voice of reason, Kem begs Adam to be up-front with this game he's playing. Strange insists he's not lying by swearing to his 'God'. That seems to be all Kem needs to hear as he commits to helping find proof before Seg gets himself killed. Who, by the way, acquires a knife to conceal up his sleeve as he heads back to the lawmakers guild to confront Daron.

Nyssa cuts him off and comments on how he seems to be walking with confidence. Seg backs down and follows Nyssa to her chambers. She presents him with his parents' ashes and shows compassion for him. Seg is emotionally disarmed and thanks her. He returns home, in a rare moment when he is at peace without a sense of anger raging through him.

Kem reads aloud information on the tablet and Adam Strange hears something that could be a clue. They discover there was a meteor shower that struck Krypton nearby. They agree to go investigate, but it will cost them.

As Lyta prepares for her confrontation with Quex, Dev-Em speaks with her candidly about a secret she's been safeguarding. Just when you think he's going to mention her relationship with Seg-El, it turns into a pep-talk. Reminding her that she's not Sagittari, she's Lyta of House Zod and she is a warrior. And always will be.

Seg hears a knock at the door as he sits in silence and finds Rom and Ohna coming to honor his parents for their kindness. Ohna offers a small rock with the crest of House El etched into it.

Jayna announces the premise for the challenge Lyta made to Quex and the fight begins.

Seg returns to the fortress and discovers how to activate the computer. Val-El appears behind him as a projection, a copy of Val that shares his thoughts and memories.

Meanwhile, Kem and Adam look to gain safe passage to the outlands by trading Adam's watch and hat to a 'Connector'.

Val begins to detail his achievements to Seg and explains that he is the torch-bearer for their house. Val shared his prototype called the 'Phantom Zone' that allowed him to travel between galaxies. That's when he discovered Brainiac.

Lyta is able to defeat Quex by breaking his neck after he begs for mercy. But as we already know, a Zod never begs for mercy, nor do they give it. Jayna watches with suppressed pride and a look of approval in her eyes.

Seg shows up to the ceremony an hour early and tells Daron that there will be no ceremony to induct him into House Vex. He said that he would rather die rankless than join Vex. Before Daron can speak out against him, the many faces of Rao intervened and said that this decision by Seg is acceptable. Seg will wear the sigil of the Science Guild. After Seg is dismissed, Daron asks for an explanation to which his reverence says this is the best way to control him.

As Kem and Adam search the outlands for something that could pose as evidence of Brainiac's existence, they discover scorch marks that lead to a scout pod. Adam comes to the realization that Brainiac isn't on his way...

...he's already arrived!

5.0 / 5.0