Fight Like El: Ep 105 HOUSE OF ZOD Reveal Will Bring You To Your Knees

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"I TOLD YOU SO". That tweet was sent out by star Cameron Cuffe as the big reveal was delivered to audiences.

This whole time, showrunner Cam Welsh and many other actors and participants who live tweet KRYPTON have been warning us that this show isn't what we think it is. To paraphrase Cuffe, KRYPTON has been setting up the game, moving the pieces on the board, and last night they flipped the table.

If you don't want SPOILERS I suggest you TURN BACK NOW! Bookmark this page and come back after you've watched the episode. Because you never saw this coming. What's worse is they give you a red herring while cleverly working it into Jayna Zod's backstory.

As Seg-El tries to escape a splinter cell of Black Zero operatives, run by a mysterious man with a violent streak Nyssa Vex attempts to convince Jayna to save Lyta from execution. The thing that is holding her back is her duty and loyalty. Jayna was raised to show no mercy and to be dutiful above all else. Showing compassion shows weakness, which in turn leads to death.

As a young child, we learn that Jayna left her brother to die on a quest in the outlands. She tried to find a way to save them both, but her brother refused to listen because of a mistake he had made beforehand that left him shamed. So Jayna broke his leg and left him there as she returned to her father. She was rewarded with a necklace that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Jayna knows that showing compassion for her daughter would mean betraying Rao, which would then bring shame upon her family.

Seg discovers through rescuing another prisoner, Raika, that there is another faction living underground that worships another one of Krypton's ancient gods, Cythonna, the Krypton Ice Goddess. Raika explains that they will not let Seg leave alive because his family nearly killed their entire clan. He cleverly warned her that if he DOESN'T escape soon, the rest of his house will come looking for him and that spells danger for her.

He cleverly tricks her because living underground for so long, they apparently didn't get the news that Seg is the last of his family.

Before Lyta can be executed, Daron shows up and declares that the witness recanted their account of the events that led to Lyta's imprisonment and sentence. In reality, Nyssa convinced Jayna to join House Vex in overthrowing the Voice of Rao. They used Lyta's life as a bargaining chip to sway the House of Zod to join their plans. Not only do Daron and Nyssa gain a powerful military ally, but saving Lyta ensures they gain Seg's trust as well.

By the way, the witness is found dead in her cell. Even though Daron loved her, his plans were too important to be foiled by Lyta's death and the lack of Jayna's allegiance. He arranged her death to appear as a suicide and demanded a full investigation for the sole purpose of appearing shocked.

As Seg wanders the outlands, freezing cold, he manages to fix his communicator as a last-ditch effort to get ahold of Adam Strange for help. He sends an encrypted message and asks Adam to deliver it to Lyta. It's essentially a profession of his love for her and how it's the only thing keeping him alive. As he passes out from the cold, he hallucinates seeing Lyta finding him.

In reality its the stranger who had captured him in the first place. Again, back in captivity, Seg is told that the woman he rescued is the key to stopping Brainiac and her whereabouts needs to be known. Adam and Lyta track Seg down and enter shooting up the place. The leader narrowly escapes. As Lyta pursue's him, Adam remains behind with Seg.

The leader re-appears in the tunnels and fights Lyta to a near standstill until Lyta finally overtakes him. Lying on his back he sees the same necklace that Jayna received around Lyta's neck. He begs her to listen to him and reveals the very same necklace. Demanding to know where he got it from, the leader professes...

"You gave it to me. I'm your son."



This show just took a tremendous left turn and careened off the cliff of expectations! Brainiac has come to take Kandor and destroy Krypton, if he succeeds...there's no SUPERMAN. General Zod is trying to save Krypton, if he succeeds...there's no SUPERMAN.

What's Seg to do once all of this is revealed? Because I'm pretty darn sure that Adam Strange may have a thing or two to say about Zod's arrival! Seg will toil in a land of confusion as he tries to figure out how to sort this all out. What is the right thing to do?

We've got 5 episodes left to find out what happens and now I have to throw my book of expectations out the window.