KRYPTON: The Shocking Twist That Shook Superman's Family Tree

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SyFy's KRYPTON has been changing the way Superman's history is looked at, by pulling back the curtain, 200 years before the planet's destruction.

The reveal from last night will change everything you THOUGHT you knew about Superman's lineage.


Let's get you caught up in case you haven't been following along:

Earlier in the season, Dru Zod arrived via time travel to save Krypton. It was revealed that the planet's core becomes destabilized after Brainiac rips Kandor from the ground. Stop Brainiac, save Krypton.

Adam Strange had also traveled back in time to stop Brainiac because he thought that stopping Brainiac would save Superman. When he learned that Brainiac was actually the catalyst that set things in motion for Superman to arrive on Earth, Adam's new goal was to stop Zod from saving Krypton.

Seg-El, Superman's grandfather, no longer supported Adam Strange's plan to save his grandson who is more urban legend to him than anything else. Seg wanted to save his planet, as anyone in their right mind would want.

Zod's plan (sorry if you have a Drake song stuck in your head now) is to use Doomsday to combat Brainiac. Initially, Seg was going to help him, but as he learned more about the "genetic experiment gone horribly wrong", Seg felt there had to be another way. Unfortunately, Seg's love interest Lyta Zod decides to assist Dru-Zod, who we know to be Lyta's son.

In order to free Doomsday from his stasis chamber, they need the blood of an El and a Zod. Seg refuses to help Dru-Zod. Zod, defiantly says he doesn't need Seg's help because...

General Dru-Zod is the future son of Seg and Lyta!

That's right everybody. Jor-El and Dru-Zod are HALF BROTHERS which makes General Zod, Superman's UNCLE!

The showrunners for KRYPTON examined Superman's family tree carefully and then shook out a loose nut. Making Zod Jor-El's half-brother changes their relationship entirely by making it a blood feud! Some people will be angry at the revelation but I really like the change. It gives the backstory a flavor shot to an otherwise stale idea. Every episode it seems like Cam Welsh and company are looking for one more thing to blow our minds even more than the last.

This show is the Sci-Fi version of Game of Thrones and it's absolutely brilliant.

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