The Fate of SyFy's KRYPTON Revealed!

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The hottest show on SyFy right now is KRYPTON and with the season finale upon us, news has come out about its future.

Announced yesterday, the show has been picked up for a second season. KRYPTON, starring Cameron Cuffe, Shaun Sipos, Wallis Day, Georgina Campbell, and Ann Ogbomo has taken Superman's homeworld by storm. Shaking up the mythos in ways that no one could have imagined, viewers have been treated to stunning set pieces and impressive special effects.

With special appearances by General Zod and Doomsday, as ways to stop the indomitable Brainiac, KRYPTON presents many twists and turns. It's a show that has been described as Game of Thrones in space with its political intrigue and personal turmoil. This comparison is ironic in that Ian McElhinney (Val-El), played Barristan Selmy in the popular HBO drama based on George R.R. Martin's novels.

Just like in GoT, KRYPTON offers tremendous world building through a society formed around a class system. The interpersonal relationships are a big part of the show, and you never know who to trust.

The season finale is tonight! Stay tuned for more information about season two as it's released.