Incredibles 2 Crushes Opening Weekend Record

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Good things really DO come to those who wait. Fourteen years between movies is a big gap, but it allows for nearly two generations of fans to build hype for a single movie.

When the first INCREDIBLES movie came out, back in 2004, you could still buy "fullscreen" format on DVD. Fourteen years ago, before the golden age of superhero movies began with IRON MAN and THE DARK KNIGHT, Disney's Pixar released a movie about a family of 'supers' who have been forced into a life of mediocrity.

Now, with studios raking in billions of dollars with superhero properties, Pixar makes its return to the superhero genre with a long-awaited sequel.

According to, INCREDIBLES 2 crushed the record for opening weekend for an animated movie, previously held by 2016's FINDING DORY. Flexing it's muscle to the tune of $180 million domestically and $231.5 million worldwide. To put things into perspective, the family-friendly superhero movie was the 8th biggest opening of all time, putting it right up there with some of cinema's highest grossing movies.

2017's Coco, brought in a whopping $800+ million at the worldwide box office with only a $50 million opening weekend. And FINDING DORY grossed over a billion to become the second highest grossing Pixar movie ever, behind TOY STORY 3. It's not much of a stretch to think INCREDIBLES 2 could beat them all to become Pixar's highest grossing movie ever.

Putting the competition on ice heading into the Summer season, INCREDIBLES 2 shielded Disney from further backlash about the latest Star Wars spin-off, SOLO, which seemed to undermine everything we expect to see from Disney.

While fans had to wait 14 years to see a sequel, it appears to be well received. According to the highly controversial website Rotten Tomatoes, INCREDIBLES 2 received a "fresh" critic rating of 94% and an audience score of 89%. Which should give it the sustainability needed to prevent it from slipping into the void.

5.0 / 5.0