Is a SUPERMAN TV Series from The CW On The Way?

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With all the buzz around the upcoming ELSEWORLD's storyline for this year's CW Crossover event, Superman seems to be leading the charge.

Pictures have been leaked of Tyler Hoechlin wearing the black suit, which many fans are aware was cut from the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie. While it feels like maybe the CW was just trolling the DC Cinematic Universe, now it's starting to feel like something more.

Already knowing that Elizabeth Tulloch has been cast as Lois Lane for the crossover, the pieces are starting to come together for a full cast of Superman characters. We've already heard Perry White's name mentioned during Season 2 of Supergirl when Clark is seen on the phone with his editor. And recently Melissa Benoist shared a candid photo of her "family" at what we assumed was the Kent Farm, until another leaked image confirmed it.

Looks a lot like SMALLVILLE doesn't it?

 Thus far, the CW has tried to keep Superman's appearances to a minimum. And for good reason. The more often fans see Tyler Hoechlin sporting the 'S', the more they'll want a series just for him. This is evidenced by the fact that the internet buzzes everytime he appears.

But what is Superman without a villain?

Enter Lex Luthor.

DC has announced on their blog that Lex Luthor will be introduced in season 4 of Supergirl and it's expected to be a recurring role. While casting hasn't happened yet, expect Michael Rosenbaum's name to be thrown into the mix. It's well documented that he loved his time on SMALLVILLE and his dedication to the role was unmatched. Whether or not the SUPERGIRL showrunners would want to go in this direction or bring in a fresh face is unknown. It's far too early to speculate.

So now we have seen the "Kent Farm", Lois Lane, Superman, and soon Lex Luthor. They are slowly building lore and familiarity with the character on the small screen so with the right amount of interest, a SUPERMAN series could be in the works.

It's definitely being talked about.

If you're concerned about how this might affect Henry Cavill's movie role, don't be. DC has established a "multiverse" which allows them to openly have the same character appear in multiple places. With two versions of Laurel Lance having appeared in ARROW and both Hoechlin and Cavill playing Superman within a year of eachother, this news shouldn't scare you off.

It's not a common thing, but there are plenty of examples to show it's something they're willing to do.

Are you excited about the possibility of having a dedicated SUPERMAN series on The CW?