SUPERGIRL: Shackled by the Chains of Politics and Bad Writing

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Supergirl in political chains

The current season of Supergirl has gotten so political, it has become difficult to watch. But the most recent sin was so bad that I can honestly say that other than character names, this isn't a show about Supergirl.

Pitting Aliens against Earthlings in some political parallel with today's issues that face America is stomach turning to say the least. The show spent the first couple of seasons introducing alien threats so menacing, the plot centered around Supergirl's coordinated work with the DEO. A department specifically designed to police the activity of aliens.

Let's restate that, shall we?

Supergirl established a plot where aliens are considered threats. Threats that are so big, an entire organization was needed to police their activities.

Now, the very people who have monitored and fought against aliens hellbent on destroying Earth and its inhabitants, are trying to convince you that aliens aren't here to hurt anyone. Alex, J'onn, Kara, and the whole gang are completely dumbfounded that anyone could think aliens would want to harm humans.

So what do they do?

During a peaceful rally where humans are expressing their opinions (right or wrong), Brainy organizes a protest march. Walking arm-in-arm with Martian Manhunter, Supergirl, and Dreamer they enter a building where the rally is being held. Both sides are in their right to do what they are doing. So far, this is okay, because we protect the right to free speech.

The problem lies with Supergirl's attempt to convince a random bystander that aliens aren't here to hurt anyone. Her argument is that they are fleeing tyranny, oppression, and herself.

Excuse me?

What in the name of Rao is she talking about? Either she's lying as part of a character who is unraveling at the seams, or the writer's of the show are complete idiots and think viewers are too. Supergirl is a refugee, sure, but she didn't flee tyranny, oppression, war, or anything of the sort. She can't relate to these other aliens other than she wasn't born here either.


So why did the writer's of this show decide to create such a fallacy to fit their narrative? Why are they making things up hoping we're dumb enough to follow along like lemmings?

Just like pretending that they didn't establish a world where aliens have been raining (Reign-ing?) down hell on the planet, they're trying to convince us that Supergirl's origin has magically changed. Hands on her hips, defiant as ever she's here to defend the rights of illegal aliens everywhere.

This show is a land of confusion. And to quote the Genesis song: "Ooh Superman where are you now, when everything's gone wrong somehow?"

Oh right, you got Lois pregnant and left Earth behind with your lying cousin. Who apparently is here to chastize humans for fearing aliens after being attacked by them for 3 seasons.

The good news? Lex Luthor is coming and if there's one thing that can save a show, it's a strong villain.